I’ll start by saying that as a Londoner I’m predisposed to be a little bit grumpy (an inevitability for anyone faced with the Central Line at rush hour) - Like many others, my expectations for shopping online have rocketed in the past few years and at least once a month I can be seen having a rant on Twitter about a disappointing experience. We all know what makes for a frustrating customer experience - getting to the last page of the checkout before being informed that item is out of stock, being charged £8 for a next day delivery or finding out that dress you bought last week is now less than half price in the sale.

… But despite our complaining, the UK continues to top the consumer spending charts with an average spend of £1,050 per person, per year (followed by the US, at £1,001 and Germany shoppers coming in third place at £915 per person). So on this grey and dreary day at the London HQ, we decided to pay homage to our favourite retailers and shopping experiences as we attempt to uncover why we Brits love to shop online so much.

Laura Hare, UK Marketing Manager


I love Asos. I mean really love them. Last year I thought it was impossible to love them anymore and then I saw that they had introduced un-photoshopped models with their (albeit tiny) stretch marks left untouched. But the main reason I love Asos is that their business model seems to be built around, “how can I make this as easy as possible for the customer to find what they want?”.

From size recommendations based on previous purchases, next day delivery for a year for a tiny fee, an intuitive mobile site and app that actually seems like it was designed for mobile, an unparalleled selection of items couples with sensible product recommendations of things that do actually match! Plus, it’s so thrilling getting my loyalty gift vouchers with Asos A-List, it really makes a difference! I think Asos are setting the CX bar for UK retailers (that's a bit of a tongue twister!), and it’s always a pleasure to shop with them.

Laurie Greenway, Senior Business Developer


I recently moved to a new apartment and found “Fast Track” from Argos to be an extremely useful tool. The same day click and collect feature meant that I could place an order during the day for essentials (cutlery, glasses, bedding, a shoe rack!) and pick them up on the way home from work. The wide selection of products at very fair prices meant I was never spending too much, and the “Home Inspiration” tab helped me to avoid making any poor decisions style-wise!

The best product I bought was the Home by Argos Memory Foam Mattress Topper. For less than £40 it has transformed the way I sleep and has made getting out of bed on a Sunday all the more difficult!

Marj Koppelaar - Channel Sales Manager UK & Nordics

Bloom & Wild

I’m going to go off-piste slightly and choose something I received myself as a gift. I got a lovely surprise last month when an unassuming brown box was posted through my letterbox. Inside were the most beautiful flowers, artfully arranged and packaged. And not only this, my friend had purchased a monthly subscription to Bloom & Wild meaning each month I receive a specially curated box of flowers. I think this is such a great concept and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What makes it even better is that you can arrange the bouquet yourself with help from the Bloom & Wild florists on how to create the most lovely arrangements. Such a fantastic experience.

In fact, I’ve become such a fan of this floral subscription model that I decided to pass the gift on myself to another friend. The website and checkout are so easy and setting up the delivery and frequency is very customer-friendly. It’s my new favourite gift and I’d definitely recommend it if you haven’t already!

Nick Bareham, UK Country Manager


I’ll start by reinforcing my mental sanity. An unusual way to start I know. The reason I say this is last year I signed up to run what is termed the toughest marathon in the world, “Marathon de Sables.” 254km, over 6 days, across the desert. So as you might expect, a lot of my recent purchases have been of the lycra nature.

In particular I’ve been impressed by Wiggle who make it incredibly easy to shop categories and find related products that suit my needs. In addition to their core products like trainers and shorts, they also offer nutritional advice and clear information to help you recover post workout. Their delivery options are fast and efficient making it easy to anticipate when goods will be delivered.

Plus… who can say no to the little pack of haribo they put in every parcel?!

We would love to hear what you think, which UK retailers make you forget your January blues?

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