This is an exciting day for my co-Founder Philippe Corrot and I. We founded Mirakl almost seven years ago because we saw that online marketplaces were going to disrupt commerce forever. We co-founded Splitgames, which was acquired by Fnac, and then went on to operate Fnac's marketplace successfully. We referred to it as their Miracle. We left because we realized we could build a Mirakl for many more companies.

In the past 6+ years we've grown to 160 customers and as many employees. Our team is located all around the world, in France, Germany, the UK, the United States, and Latin America, enabling our clients in over 40 countries. Supported by an incredible team, we've worked very hard to spread the word about the marketplace model, platform business strategy, and how we can help companies move forward in the digital age.

Today marks a very important moment in our journey because we announced that SAP is now able to resell Mirakl globally. We view this as an incredible opportunity to further spread the word and educate the market that there's a better way to operate - a new business model that's at the heart of every successful company today. All of these companies are platform businesses operating a marketplace: Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Alibaba, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and the list goes on. Our customers add 160 more to that list.

We also see this strategic partnership as great validation from SAP of how critical online marketplaces have become, and that Mirakl is recognized as the best solution. We've come through a two year vetting process successfully, and feel very proud to be part of SAP's solution extension program which very few companies can say.

We're so excited to partner closely with the SAP CX team and know this will help Mirakl reach more businesses that are struggling to find their place in the platform economy.

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Adrien Nussenbaum

Written by Adrien Nussenbaum

Graduated from HEC Paris, Adrien Nussenbaum started his career with Paribas in Hong-Kong. He then went on to co-found All Instant, an instant messaging solution that was later sold in 2003. While with Deloitte, as part of the restructuring team, he advised many retailers who were in the throes of company turnarounds and transformations until 2005.

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