It's hard to conceive, and yet it makes perfect sense. With Forrester's most recent B2B eCommerce sales forecast estimating a modest 6-8% year-over-year growth for the next 5 years, Amazon's gone and done it: 900% increase in 2 years. 

B2B manufacturers and distributors: You're. Getting. Amazon'ed.

Infographic: The State of Amazon Business

Feast your eyes on this disturbing timeline of Amazon's rise to B2B eCommerce dominance:

Amazon Business Timeline

What else should we expect from the most recent tech company to reach $1 trillion in market value? Of course they will take on any large market, and they'll succeed.

While many hypothesize the government will step in via antitrust legislation, it would be a mistake to bank on the government dismantling it's greatest tech darling. It would also be a mistake to act like many retailers have done and do nothing while Amazon takes their sales, data, and ultimately customers.

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Jess Iandiorio

Written by Jess Iandiorio

Former Chief Marketing Officer, Mirakl

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