We are proud that the Mirakl Connect ecosystem of sellers has doubled, empowering Mirakl-powered marketplaces all over the world to grow their marketplaces built on the foundations of a top-quality seller base. Learn why marketplace operators should join Mirakl Connect.

At Mirakl, providing best-of-breed marketplace software is only one part of our core value proposition—we’re also deeply committed to empowering our customers to be successful by providing the tools, resources and ongoing support they need to achieve continuous marketplace growth at scale. 


The world’s only independent network of curated, high-quality marketplace sellers and service providers


Designed to do just that, our Mirakl Connect platform has become a critical success factor in enabling so many of our customers to accelerate the launch and growth of their marketplace. In fact, Mirakl Connect is the only all-in-one technology platform where curated marketplace sellers, value-added service providers and Mirakl-powered marketplaces can meet and accelerate doing business together.

“World-class organizations across industries are increasingly embracing enterprise marketplaces to drive growth and power digital transformation, but more than ever, they demand to do so with only the highest quality partners. Mirakl Connect raises the bar on quality, speed, and agility for these enterprises, bringing together a fast-growing and global ecosystem of only the best sellers that their customers can trust.”

Philippe Corrot, CEO of Mirakl

Last week, we announced that Mirakl Connect has reached a major milestone, doubling in size in just six months. Today, there is no better way to jump-start a successful marketplacein 2020, Mirakl-powered marketplaces saw a 110% increase in marketplace GMV, and for operators, the addition of high-quality sellers sourced from Mirakl Connect now accounts for a 40% boost to marketplace revenues. Now featuring thousands of curated, high-quality sellers, Mirakl Connect has facilitated over 6,200 business connections between marketplace operators reaching out to new sellers. These connections have recently enabled marketplace operators including Madewell, Urban Outfitters, BUT and Leroy Merlin to launch and grow their marketplace faster by discovering and onboarding sellers directly from the Mirakl Connect ecosystem that they otherwise may not have found. 


Empowering our customers to have the best possible marketplace

What makes our Mirakl Connect ecosystem such a powerful advantage? Because it solves some of the biggest obstacles to marketplace success: moving fast to discover, vet and onboard the best quality sellers. 

With global gross marketplace eCommerce sales expected to grow 40% year-over-year and 71% of marketplaces expecting increased sales, marketplace operators need to move fast to achieve critical mass and satisfy customer expectations. For the operators of Mirakl-powered marketplaces, access to the Mirakl Connect ecosystem provides a total solution to help them act quickly to capitalize on the booming eCommerce marketplace opportunity.

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Mirakl Connect network expansion fuels growth for brands and marketplaces

To bolster the success of our customers, we have invested substantially in expanding both the Mirakl Connect network and technology platform. In addition to doubling the number of sellers, we have added sellers in new product categories to deepen the selection of products available in electronics, home goods, DIY and apparel/clothing. 

To go even further, we have expanded the ecosystem’s geographic footprint to support marketplaces in both Europe and North America, adding more local sellers in 20+ countries. In Mirakl Connect, marketplace operators can sort and filter to connect with a growing number of local merchants as well as national, or international sellers able to ship to their end customers. 


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Technology, expertise & high standards to secure quality

As well as speed, quality is also paramount. Mirakl’s thorough vetting process allows operators to be confident that the sellers they partner with through Mirakl Connect will deliver an outstanding experience for their customers. Leveraging our technology and expert teams who operate Mirakl Connect, we proactively fight against counterfeit products and control quality of service, to maintain brand consistency and customer loyalty for Mirakl-powered marketplaces. Mirakl Connect is the only platform that curates the quality of sellers by evaluating, selecting and monitoring sellers based on their:

  • Positive customer reviews on existing sales channels, including external marketplaces where they currently sell, and
  • Positive track record for fulfillment, customer service, and catalog quality to combat counterfeit goods.

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We’ve poured our expertise into Mirakl Connect to provide an all-in-one solution that helps our customers save crucial time in building the high-quality seller network behind their marketplace. No other marketplace platform provider today offers this unique ecosystem for its operators to discover and connect with curated sellers and service providers, allowing Mirakl operators to grow bigger, faster and operate with confidence. The latest growth and developments to the platform represent a major step forward in our vision to centralize our customers’ access to all critical components of a successful marketplace.

Learn more about how Mirakl Connect can accelerate any B2C or B2B marketplace strategy and contact the Mirakl Team to take the first step on your marketplace journey.

Alexandre Dauber

Written by Alexandre Dauber

Senior Vice President at Mirakl - Developing Mirakl Connect, the central hub and platform for digital marketplace operators, curated sellers, and service providers.

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