Understand The Four Types of Marketplace Sellers

By Jess Iandiorio on October 27, 2016

There are different types of seller profiles to consider when recruiting for your Marketplace. Sellers can range from very small local businesses to large international companies. It is critical to diligently qualify all sellers, no matter their profile, to size their business potential on your Marketplace, gauge their quality of service, and prioritize them accordingly.
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Four Ways to Find New Sellers for your Marketplace

By Barry Murphy on October 25, 2016

As you begin your Marketplace strategy, finding sellers is a crucial component of the process. Having enough sellers in place ensures a robust and varied product catalog, and you’ll need enough sellers to ensure continuous product availability and breadth of choice. But, don’t forget quality. Choosing the right sellers ensures your Marketplace customer experience is top-notch.
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Recruiting Sellers to your Marketplace

By Barry Murphy on October 20, 2016

As we’ve discussed, a large product catalog is at the very core of a successful Marketplace, which means you’ll need a large supply of sellers to capitalize on this model.

Seller recruitment can be challenging, but it is a critical element of a successful Marketplace. These sellers bring the depth assortment and long-tail products necessary to offer customers the best choices possible and ensuring they can find what they need. You’ll need enough sellers to ensure continuous product availability and breadth of choice.
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The Importance of a Large Product Catalog in your Marketplace

By Barry Murphy on October 18, 2016

At Mirakl, we have discovered three keys to success with a Marketplace ( where third-party partners sell alongside the online merchant):
  1. Offer a large array of product choice
  2. Provide a great buying experience
  3. Prioritize fair and competitive pricing
In this post, we’ll uncover why your product catalog - and its size - matters.
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Another Marketplace Myth: In-Store Customers Will Be Disappointed

By Barry Murphy on October 13, 2016

Although there are many benefits to opening a Marketplace for retailers, including a larger product assortment, reduced risk, increased revenue and improved customer experience, there is still a common misperception among omni-channel: the fear that eCommerce customers will be disappointed, for example, when they see a product online in the Marketplace, but are unable to find it in the store.
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To Compete with Amazon or Not? That is the Wrong Question.

By Barry Murphy on October 11, 2016

“To be, or not to be…” these words reflect the infamous struggle of Shakespeare’s Hamlet as he contemplates whether or not to continue living while waiting for Ophelia, the love of his life.

Your situation as a retailer may not be so strikingly dramatic as our friend Hamlet, but you may think you are faced with a decision nonetheless. Do you compete with Amazon? Or Not?

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Can One Bad Apple Spoil Your Marketplace?

By Barry Murphy on October 6, 2016

One of the most common misconceptions about creating a third-party Marketplace is the fear that the catalog and/or quality of service will suffer as a result of this new business model. Because Marketplace products are supplied, and serviced, by third parties, there is a tendency to worry about the goods they provide and the quality of service they deliver to customers. 
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